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The Most Feature-Rich Payment Gateway for Just Pennies Per Transaction!

image Talk about value! Did you know DOLLARS ON THE NET® gives you the most feature-rich payment gateway for just Pennies Per Transaction?

Happy New Year!

Making Your Payments Fast, Reliable, and Secure – Year After Year

EMV: Your Questions Answered

emv You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers! We’re sharing our answers to merchants’ most commonly asked questions about EMV.

The Road to EMV Completion: Processor Certification Status

image Find out how close we are to the EMV finish line with your processor!

All Things EMV

image Visit Shift4’s EMV Microsite Today!

EMV: What You Need To Know

image Shift4 is helping our merchant customers and valued partners prepare for EMV.

Play Video: Tokenization for Beginners

image Watch our video to learn how tokenization works.

Play Video: Shift4’s EMV Road Map

image Watch our video to learn how we’re getting merchants and independent software vendors ready for EMV.

All Things EMV

image Visit Shift4’s EMV Microsite Today!

Breaking News: Read Shift4's Statement on True P2PE

Shift4’s ‘True P2PE’ Delivers Functionality and Security Unavailable with Any Existing Point-to-Point Encryption Solution 

Action Required

All Shift4 merchant customers need to verify that each of Shift4's IP address ranges are included in your firewall's list of trusted endpoints. Failure to add even one of these IP ranges could affect your ability to process transactions.

Learn more

Note: For security reasons, this information will not be included in the newsletter archives, nor will it be searchable on our website, so be sure to visit the page now and either print it or add a bookmark for future use.

Credit Card 101

thumb One thing's certain: the payment processing industry isn't getting any simpler. Emergent technologies, adaptive and cunning thieves, ever-changing federal and state legislation, and thousands of other factors can make understanding how a payment is processed all but impossible.

Fear not, merchants. Shift4 is here to guide you through the world of payment processing and provide a sound understanding of the players and processes involved.

Everything You Need to Know About Payments. Click here

Free Webinar on November 18, 2014

Sertifi and Shift4 integrate to bring you a secure method for collecting signed contracts and PCI-compliant credit card payments.