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Increase Account Security With veri4

Introducing the newest member of the Shift4 product family: veri4.

UTG Update Brings New EMV Options and More

As a leader in the payments space and a dedicated merchant advocate, Shift4 routinely updates our Universal Transaction Gateway (UTG) in response to industry trends and merchant feedback. While some of these changes are minor tweaks and behind-the-scenes improvements, others may have a larger impact on your business.

Don’t Miss Out On Our Extensive Software Updates

thumb As dedicated merchant advocates, we listen to your feedback and regularly update our payment solutions to optimize your payment processing efficiency and security. In the last month, we’ve released software updates for our Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®), DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway, and VT4® mobile point-of-sale solution.

Ready for Card Numbers Starting With 2?

Starting next year, Mastercard will be rolling out new payment cards that begin with the number “2” (typically, they start with “5”).

You May Need to Replace Your Payment Devices

thumb As you already know, Shift4 is committed to securing your business, your brand, and your customers’ card data. As part of our mission to help you stay secure and PCI complaint, we’ll be sunsetting support for six payment devices effective January, 1, 2017

EMV Devices: Which Ones Shift4 Supports and How to Get Them

thumb Many of you have been looking into purchasing new payment devices to accept EMV chip cards. Shift4 has carefully selected a variety of secure EMV devices. And, with nearly a dozen different device options currently offered, you can customize your EMV setup to fit your specific business.

Shift4 Offers Fast-Track to EMV Acceptance

thumb Shift4 is proud to offer EMV with more device and processor combinations than any other gateway provider. More than 70 of our valued point-of-sale and property management system partners who have integrated their systems with our DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway have now made the tweaks necessary to certify those solutions for EMV.

5 Musts for DOLLARS ON THE NET® Admin Users


If you sign in to your DOLLARS ON THE NET® account using the word “Admin” or “Administrator,” then you’re the king of the mountain, queen of the castle, ruler of the roost – or at the very least, a financially responsible individual at your business.

ALERT: Use Layered Security Tools and Secure Practices to Minimize Risk

thumb There is no silver bullet when it comes to payment data security, which is why Shift4 layers numerous security tools to protect our merchant customers in both card-present and card-not-present scenarios, as well as call centers and other specialized environments.

Executive Insight: Setting the Record Straight on Tokenization

thumb I watched an interesting and entertaining Twitter dialogue unfold late last month between two payments industry experts. Ian Kar, who covers the payments industry for online news publication Quartz, was covering PayPal’s earnings call when he heard PayPal CEO Dan Schulman make a pretty bold claim:

5 Reasons VT4 Is a Perfect Choice For Your Business

thumb VT4®, Shift4's mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution, was released to the general public in late 2015, and it is already making its mark on the payments industry.

Shift4’s VT4® Named Best M-POS Solution in 2016 Pay Awards!

thumb Well, we can’t say that we’re surprised – but, we are thrilled! VT4®, our ingenious mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution, recently won the Best M-POS Solution award in the 2016 Pay Awards!

4 Ways to Avoid Suspended Batches

thumb You may have had the experience of attempting to close an open batch of authorized transactions and seeing a notification that one of your batches has been suspended.

February Release – Shift4's UTG® Update

thumb Shift4 provides the latest and greatest payment technologies to keep your business running smoothly. We listen to your feedback and update our Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®) nearly every month, keeping your payment security, efficiency, and business operations in mind with each new UTG build.

URGENT: Internet Explorer 10 Users Must Upgrade ASAP

thumb Last month, we shared information about Microsoft’s end of support for older versions of Internet Explorer (IE) to make sure you knew that they would be ending support for all but the latest version of IE available for a desktop or server operating system.

Executive Insight: 3 Ways Merchants Can Ensure a More Secure 2016

thumb By Steve Sommers – Senior Vice President of Applications Development, Shift4 Corporation

For merchants, there is an all too common tendency to "fire and forget" when using security tools. You might have just completed your most recent PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) assessment, installed new antivirus software, or added EMV.

AMEX Has Replaced OnePoint With OptBlue


For years, Shift4 has provided small merchants with direct payment processing to American Express (AMEX) along with support for the AMEX OnePoint program. OnePoint catered to merchants that processed less than $500,000 (under a single tax ID) in AMEX charges each year.

2015: Year In Review


At Shift4, 2015 was filled end-to-end with highpoints and milestones. We’d like to share the top 4 reasons why 2015 was so memorable for us.

‘Tis The Season For Secure Mobile Payments!

mobile payments

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season – and for millions of holiday shoppers that means purchasing decorations, food, and gifts that make the season bright. According to the National Retail Federation, “Despite the challenges that still exist in our economy, it looks as if consumers are eager to celebrate the holidays with friends and family this year.

Dara Security Assesses True P2PE™

dara security

At Shift4, we value our customers’ payment data security above all else. Every product and technology we provide was created knowing that data breaches and fraud are real threats that can happen to anyone at any time. With that in mind, we want to make sure that all of our payment solutions are as secure as possible.