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Payment Security Tips From PCI


Shift4 was honored by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) last month for supporting the Council since the very beginning, 10 years ago.

Making Sense of Mobile Payments

thumb You probably take your smartphone with you wherever you go, so it should come as no surprise that mobile payments usage has been steadily increasing. But, with all of the different mobile technologies out there, we know that it can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming.

Shift4 Offers Fast-Track to EMV Acceptance

thumb Shift4 is proud to offer EMV with more device and processor combinations than any other gateway provider. More than 70 of our valued point-of-sale and property management system partners who have integrated their systems with our DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway have now made the tweaks necessary to certify those solutions for EMV.

Executive Insight: EMV – 6 Months Later

thumb By Steve Sommers – Senior Vice President of Applications Development, Shift4 Corporation


If you are in the payments industry, you probably cannot remember the last time you went a full day without hearing this word. I certainly can't.

Chargebacks: Fraud or Fiction?

Merchants these days are shouldering more responsibility for fraudulent transactions, thanks to the EMV liability shift.

Executive Insight: Setting the Record Straight on Tokenization

thumb I watched an interesting and entertaining Twitter dialogue unfold late last month between two payments industry experts. Ian Kar, who covers the payments industry for online news publication Quartz, was covering PayPal’s earnings call when he heard PayPal CEO Dan Schulman make a pretty bold claim:

Making Heads or Tails of Your PCI Compliance Forms

thumb We've seen a pattern of confusion from merchants who are attempting to complete their PCI compliance forms. Shift4 has provided some frequently asked questions (along with our answers) to help clear things up.

Shift4’s VT4® Named Best M-POS Solution in 2016 Pay Awards!

thumb Well, we can’t say that we’re surprised – but, we are thrilled! VT4®, our ingenious mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution, recently won the Best M-POS Solution award in the 2016 Pay Awards!

Executive Insight: 3 Ways Merchants Can Ensure a More Secure 2016

thumb By Steve Sommers – Senior Vice President of Applications Development, Shift4 Corporation

For merchants, there is an all too common tendency to "fire and forget" when using security tools. You might have just completed your most recent PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) assessment, installed new antivirus software, or added EMV.

AMEX Has Replaced OnePoint With OptBlue


For years, Shift4 has provided small merchants with direct payment processing to American Express (AMEX) along with support for the AMEX OnePoint program. OnePoint catered to merchants that processed less than $500,000 (under a single tax ID) in AMEX charges each year.

Executive Insight: Winning the War for Payment Card Data

thumb By Steve Sommers – Senior Vice President of Applications Development, Shift4 Corporation

Last year, the United States experienced what has been dubbed “the year of the data breach.” Now, we’re nearing the end of 2015, and data breaches continue to plague merchants.

Dara Security Assesses True P2PE™

dara security

At Shift4, we value our customers’ payment data security above all else. Every product and technology we provide was created knowing that data breaches and fraud are real threats that can happen to anyone at any time. With that in mind, we want to make sure that all of our payment solutions are as secure as possible.

Get in Gear for EMV


The U.S. EMV migration liability shift date, October 1, 2015, is almost here. Are you on the road to EMV chip card acceptance? Earlier this year, we shared a road map to give merchants and independent software vendors (ISVs) a quick look at how to get ready for EMV. Now, we’re sharing the steps merchants, ISVs, banks, and processors need to follow on the home stretch to EMV. Click here to learn what to do to accept EMV cards.

Executive Insight: Take the Time to Do EMV Right (Part 2)

thumb By Steve Sommers – Senior Vice President of Applications Development, Shift4 Corporation

Last month, we talked about how some organizations are pressuring merchants to rush into EMV solutions instead of urging merchants to take the time to adopt a strategic approach to EMV.

12 Hospitality Touchpoints Secured by Shift4


From a payments point of view, hospitality environments are particularly complex. Typically, hotels keep payment card information on file for booking guarantees, advanced deposits, refunds, incremental authorizations, and more.

Shift4 Response to MalumPOS Malware

malware image

Recently, Trend Micro published a brief on their blog about malware named MalumPOS. This blog post is based on a 2014 report and is most likely referencing 2013 or prior data in order to refer clients to their own endpoint-monitoring software.

Executive Insight: Take the Time to Do EMV Right (Part 1)

thumb By Steve Sommers – Senior Vice President of Applications Development, Shift4 Corporation

U.S. a Unique EMV Market
Four years ago, when the major issuing banks announced their timeline for transitioning to EMV in the U.S., payments industry insiders knew that the U.S. EMV migration would be more complicated than previous implementations around the globe had been.

EMV: Swipe Ahead Gets Left Behind

emv Update 10/4/16: Shift4 has been around long enough to predict how most things will shake out in the payments industry. With the below article, we knew EMV was going to cause headaches for merchants, consumers, and just about everyone else who deals with payments. Well, it turns out we were right. Most major card brands brought the concept of “swipe ahead” back. Read about its comeback.

3 Things Every Merchant Should Know About EMV


Shift4’s SVP of Applications Development, Steve Sommers, was recently invited to San Antonio to speak at the Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) North American Conference. The session he was asked to join, entitled “Securing Payment Data: Tales From the Front,” featured Sommers alongside Rob Martin, the VP of Security Solutions for device manufacturer Ingenico, and Merchant Link’s Director of Product, Christian McMahon.