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Simple Clues to Early Detection of a Computer Breach

Defending your computer systems from Internet-borne threat agents can be a daunting task. Threat agents take on many forms. Among some of the nastiest are Remote Administration Trojans (RATs) and key-loggers that record data for later extraction through the RAT.

What to do if You Think You May Have Been Breached

Imagine you have just discovered something amiss in your system and signs point toward a potential data breach. Do you have a plan of action in place? Do you have people on hand who know how to deal with such a problem? If not, have you found an expert you can contact?

Changing IP Addresses

In order to avoid disruption of your transaction processing, Shift4 must be notified of any changes to the internal IP addresses of the machines running either the Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®) or your POS/PMS terminals. Also, if there is a change to the overall IP address schema of your network, informing Shift4 can save major confusion in the long run.

Is it Time for a Browser Upgrade?

Have you ever seen a company campaign against its own product? It’s certainly a rare occurrence, but Microsoft is currently in a campaign against one of its products – and has been for several months.

Upgrade Required for MICROS 3700 Users

We recently sent an alert to all of our MICROS® users announcing a required upgrade for Secure Suite 4 MICROS 3700 – DOLLARS ON THE NET®.

Why We Need to Know When Your IP Address Changes

Shift4's Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG) users must have a permanent IP address assigned to their PC, both for security purposes and so that the POS/PMS can always communicate. If this IP address is changed, and Shift4 is not informed, clients will not be able to connect to DOLLARS ON THE NET and therefore will be unable to process transactions until the IP address is reported to Shift4. It may be helpful to know that most DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) servers allow you to allocate what is known as a Permanent Lease. For those Network Engineers that would prefer not to set a Static IP Address for whatever reason, this will allow them to have the best of both worlds by having both DHCP and a constant IP for the UTG.