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Shift4 Payments Introduces RESTful API

image Shift4 Payments is pleased to announce the general availability of our new RESTful API. With the introduction of this new integration option, our new and existing independent software provider (ISV) partners can now integrate their point of sale or property management systems much faster to Shift4’s payment gateway and network, including our suite of secure payment technologies that support a wide range of payment types, devices, functions, and back-office accounting capabilities.

DOLLARS ON THE NET Is Now Lighthouse Transaction Manager

imageYou may have noticed that Shift4 has gone through a major rebranding. Most notably, we changed our name to Shift4 Payments and have greatly expanded our offering to merchants and partners. As part of this rebranding, we have made some exciting changes to our DOLLARS ON THE NET accounting application.

Are You Still Using Early TLS? It's Time to Take Action!

image By Stephen Ames, CISA, CISSP – Senior Director, Security Compliance, Shift4 Corporation

Update 05/10/2018: Beginning May 10, 2018, Shift4 Payments will be officially ending support of TLS versions 1.1 and earlier. If you are a merchant still using one of these unsupported versions,  you will not be able to use any of our gateway services. Please contact Shift4’s Customer Support team immediately at 702.597.2480, option 2, or email

IMPORTANT: You May Be Required to Update to the TLS 1.2 Protocol

thumb If you are you using an old web browser or a server-to-server setup to connect with Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET payment gateway and/or our i4Go solution, you will soon be required to update to the TLS 1.2 protocol. If you do not make this update, your payment processing may be impacted.

Don’t Miss Out On Our Extensive Software Updates

thumb As dedicated merchant advocates, we listen to your feedback and regularly update our payment solutions to optimize your payment processing efficiency and security. In the last month, we’ve released software updates for our Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®), DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway, and VT4® mobile point-of-sale solution.

Ready for Card Numbers Starting With 2?

Starting next year, Mastercard will be rolling out new payment cards that begin with the number “2” (typically, they start with “5”).

You May Need to Replace Your Payment Devices

thumb As you already know, Shift4 is committed to securing your business, your brand, and your customers’ card data. As part of our mission to help you stay secure and PCI complaint, we’ll be sunsetting support for six payment devices effective January, 1, 2017

Executive Insight: Warning for SSLv3 and Some TLS Users

thumb By Stephen Ames, CISA, CISSP – Senior Director, Security Compliance, Shift4 Corporation

As you already know, we at Shift4 are fanatics about having the strongest security possible which is why we build security into everything we do from the ground up.

ALERT: Use Layered Security Tools and Secure Practices to Minimize Risk

thumb There is no silver bullet when it comes to payment data security, which is why Shift4 layers numerous security tools to protect our merchant customers in both card-present and card-not-present scenarios, as well as call centers and other specialized environments.

February Release – Shift4's UTG® Update

thumb Shift4 provides the latest and greatest payment technologies to keep your business running smoothly. We listen to your feedback and update our Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®) nearly every month, keeping your payment security, efficiency, and business operations in mind with each new UTG build.

URGENT: Internet Explorer 10 Users Must Upgrade ASAP

thumb Last month, we shared information about Microsoft’s end of support for older versions of Internet Explorer (IE) to make sure you knew that they would be ending support for all but the latest version of IE available for a desktop or server operating system.

Microsoft to End Support for Older Versions of Internet Explorer


Microsoft announced that they’ll be ending support for all but the latest version of Internet Explorer that is currently offered for a desktop or server operating system as of January 12, 2016.

Support for Windows Server 2003 Is Over


In March, we warned merchants that Microsoft’s extended support for Windows Server 2003 would be ending. In July, this extended support period expired. On August 20, 2015, Visa issued a Security Bulletin about the Windows Server 2003 end of life for acquirers, issuers, processors, merchants, and agents. We’re sharing that bulletin below for your reference. Please share it with anyone in your organization who may need to be made aware of its contents.

Don’t Fall Victim to Malware


Malware attacks have become increasingly common for merchants who process payments using remote-access systems, according to a recent alert from the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC).

Visa® Warns of New Malware Threats


Visa® recently sent out a security alert to inform merchants of an increase in malware attacks targeting point-of-sale (POS) integrators. We encourage our merchant customers to take note of the following information, and to review the Visa security alert and pass it along to the appropriate departments or individuals.

Google Chrome Security Message


Shift4 supports a large set of the most secure cipher suites available along with a few legacy cipher suites that are still needed by a large portion of our customers.

Shift4 Is Ending Support for a Few Payment Devices


Every now and then, older model payment devices are replaced with more advanced, secure, and better performing models. This is the case with a few payment devices that have reached their end-of-life, which means the manufacturer will no longer support or sell them.

Heads Up: Extended Support for Windows Server 2003 Is Ending

win2k image

Last year, Microsoft announced that extended support for Windows Server 2003 would end on July 15, 2015. This means that after July 15, Microsoft will no longer deliver any security updates, pay-per-incident support, or support from Microsoft’s Knowledge Base for Windows Server 2003.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Update i4Go®

i4Go image

Do you already use Shift4 for e-commerce? Then you’re going to be excited to learn that we’ve updated our i4Go® security solution to make it even better. For this reason, we’re phasing out i4Go v.1 with an end-of-life on January 12, 2016. You’ve got plenty of time to update, and some of our merchant customers have already started to use the updated version of i4Go. Now you can join them!

Windows 2000 Users – It’s Time to Upgrade

thumb If you are one of the few merchants who may still be using the Windows 2000 operating system in your cardholder data environment (CDE), then it’s time to upgrade. After Microsoft phased out support for Windows 2000 in July 2010, a number of third-party vendors continued to deliver security patches to their customers, ensuring their operating systems were protected.