Are You Still Using Early TLS? It's Time to Take Action!

image By Stephen Ames, CISA, CISSP – Senior Director, Security Compliance, Shift4 Corporation

Update 05/10/2018: Beginning May 10, 2018, Shift4 Payments will be officially ending support of TLS versions 1.1 and earlier. If you are a merchant still using one of these unsupported versions,  you will not be able to use any of our gateway services. Please contact Shift4’s Customer Support team immediately at 702.597.2480, option 2, or email

How to Identify and Eliminate a New Malware Threat

thumb Visa recently published an alert warning merchants and acquirers of a new type of JavaScript-based malware that is specifically targeting merchants with e-commerce payment processing environments. As your neighborhood merchant advocate, we are passing this along to you. Here is what you need to know.

Shift4 Pioneers Hand Over Day-to-Day Operations

thumb Shift4 founders Dave and Kathy Oder have officially entered their well-deserved “semi-retirement” and have handed over the day-to-day operations of the company. J.D. Oder II has been promoted to president and CTO and Stephanie Stowers has been promoted to executive vice president and COO. Please join us in congratulating these two hard-working visionaries who will lead Shift4 to continued success. Click here for official announcement.