Enhanced Support for Verifone PIN Pads in the Latest UTG Update

thumb We’ve added a few enhancements to our UTG 2290 release. If you use EMV with Verifone PIN pads, then you’ll be excited to learn we’re giving you more control over handling debit and credit cards in EMV processing (if the customer’s card allows for it). With support from your POS or PMS, you can set preferences for processing transactions by credit or debit. For example, if you want all transactions to be processed via credit, or if you want all transactions over $100 to be processed via debit, you can. Using the “Prefer US Common Debit” option in DOLLARS ON THE NET for EMV devices, the UTG will automatically select the U.S. common debit application (AID) if it’s present on the card so the transaction will route over the debit network instead of the global (credit card) network. This can help you reduce your interchange fees!