Avoid Suspended Batches Using New DOLLARS ON THE NET Viewing Option

thumb Did you know that fake authorization codes are the number one cause of suspended batches? No one wants to take the time to call a card issuer’s voice authorization center to get a referral code when facing a line of customers. But, when a busy clerk enters a fake code to force an authorization, it doesn’t just cause problems with that transaction in DOLLARS ON THE NET, it causes a portion of the batch – or even the entire batch of transactions – to suspend, leaving your auditor stuck with extra work or even a delay in funding.

Enhanced Support for Verifone PIN Pads in the Latest UTG Update

thumb We’ve added a few enhancements to our UTG 2290 release. If you use EMV with Verifone PIN pads, then you’ll be excited to learn we’re giving you more control over handling debit and credit cards in EMV processing (if the customer’s card allows for it).

Most Common Passwords Used in 2016

thumb Password manager and security vault company Keeper Security recently looked into 2016’s most commonly used passwords, and their research shows a shocking trend in using weak passwords across various websites. Because a weak password can lead to the very data breaches that they are meant to help prevent, it’s important to read this article about their research, originally featured in Security Week, and share it with your staff.