Fight Fraud: Authorize Every Guest’s Card at Hotel Check-In

thumb If your hotel supports EMV and accepts reservations or purchases via an app, website, or call center, please be sure to authorize each guest’s card at check-in to avoid falling prey to an increasingly popular fraud scheme.

As we’ve previously mentioned, EMV doesn’t authenticate cards in card-not-present (CNP) scenarios. So these days, when fraudsters buy card data in bulk online, they’re increasingly targeting e-commerce retail businesses and hoteliers that support purchases by phone (e.g., phone reservations) and pay-in-advance online purchases (i.e., guaranteed reservations).

We know it’s sometimes nice to avoid asking for a card at check-in to give a “VIP” experience to your guests. And for some hoteliers, the benefits of providing this type of customer experience might outweigh the risks. But, if you’re taking reservations or purchases via an app, website, or call center, taking the simple step of inserting the guest’s card during check-in and letting EMV do its job can protect you from accepting fraudulent cards. (And there's a bonus – card-present transactions generally cost less than CNP due to the reduced risk for fraud and chargebacks.)

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