Fight Fraud: Authorize Every Guest’s Card at Hotel Check-In

thumb If your hotel supports EMV and accepts reservations or purchases via an app, website, or call center, please be sure to authorize each guest’s card at check-in to avoid falling prey to an increasingly popular fraud scheme.

Updated Features in Our Latest DOLLARS ON THE NET Release

We routinely update our solutions to optimize your payment processing efficiency, security, and cost savings. As such, we’ve recently added a few new features to our DOLLARS ON THE NET payment gateway.

Chargebacks: Fraud or Fiction?

thumb In a post-EMV world, some merchant services providers are making it difficult for merchants to fight chargebacks. Are their practices legitimate? This article tells you how to identify unfair chargebacks and hold your provider accountable.

IMPORTANT: You May Be Required to Update to the TLS 1.2 Protocol

thumb If you are you using an old web browser or a server-to-server setup to connect with Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET payment gateway and/or our i4Go solution, you will soon be required to update to the TLS 1.2 protocol. If you do not make this update, your payment processing may be impacted.