Faster PIN Pad Reset and More

thumb As dedicated merchant advocates, we routinely update our solutions to optimize your payment processing efficiency and security. As such, we’ve recently made a few enhancements to our Universal Transaction Gateway (UTG).

Here’s the lowdown on what’s included in the most recent release:

  • Faster PIN Pad Reset Capability – Our enhanced PIN pad reset capability could save you and your customers time at the point of purchase. If a customer wants to add another item, change their payment method, or cancel a transaction, the clerk can now force the PIN pad into idle – instantly resetting it, rather than having to wait for the terminal to time out. This function is supported for both Ingenico RBA and Verifone MX PIN pads. Check with your point-of-sale or property management system provider to see if they support this feature.
  • Updated Options in UTG TuneUp – We’ve removed a few options in UTG TuneUp that are no longer in use to make it easier for you to navigate. So, don’t be worried if things look a little bit different.
  • Ended Support for Six Legacy Payment Devices – Following our previous announcement that we’re ending support for a few payment devices that are no longer PCI PTS validated, this release officially ends our support for the following:
    • Ingenico 3070
    • Ingenico 6550
    • Ingenico 6780
    • Verifone 1000
    • Verifone MX 850
    • Verifone MX 870
If you have any questions or want to learn more about these enhancements, feel free to call our Customer Support team at 702.597.2480 (option 2) or email