Our Award-Winning VT4 Mobile POS Just Got Better

thumb VT4 is the most versatile mobile point-of-sale solution available. It works on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop with a variety of accessory packages, including the new iSMP4 Companion. One of the biggest draws to VT4 has been the ability for administrators to control VT4 settings in real time via the backend application, 4tress. (Think of it as VT4’s mission control center.) Now, 4tress has a polished new look and feel, so it’s even easier to navigate when you’re updating user permissions, adding or updating shelf items, pulling sales reports, and more. If you’re a current VT4 user, you’ll see the update later this month. If you’re interested in growing your business with VT4, contact Shift4’s Account Maintenance team at 702.597.2480 (option 4) or myaccount@shift4.com.