EMV Is a Journey, Not a Destination

thumb The transition to EMV is a journey – and thanks to our vast experience, we’re reducing the number of bumps you may experience along the road. (After all, we want it to be a journey you’re glad you took.)

So, while adopting EMV isn’t exactly “plug and play,” Shift4 is making it much simpler for our merchant customers. Here’s how:

  • We’ve got the expertise you need to make your transition as smooth as possible. Implementing EMV is prone to hiccups, made worse by the incredible amount of rush and confusion that exists in the industry. Shift4 can guide you through this complicated process. We’ve been processing EMV for six years in Canada and the United States with more processors and more business types than anyone else in the industry. We have a thorough understanding of exactly what’s required before you process a single EMV transaction, including which POS updates are required, how to purchase devices, which key injection facilities to use, how to update device firmware, which Shift4 software updates are necessary, required processor configuration changes, and more. (Yeah, we told you there’s a lot to it.) We use this knowledge to save you as much trouble as possible by passing the things we’ve learned on to you – and this helps to make your transition to EMV a lot smoother.
  • We’re successfully processing EMV transactions with more processors and devices than anyone else in the industry. Some vendors are selling cookie-cutter EMV solutions – what we call “one size fits no one.” We understand that each payment processing environment is unique, so we’ve done the work to make a flexible solution that fits your business. With Shift4, you won’t have to change your financial relationships to get started because we’re currently certified with eight processors (with even more certifications on the way). We also support 13 secure payment devices by Ingenico Group and Verifone, so you can easily find a solution to implement today and prepare your business for tomorrow.
When you want EMV, we’re the team you need on your side (and good news – as your merchant advocate, we’re already there). We’ve encountered just about every situation, so we’re the most adept partner to make changes or advise you about what’s needed to resolve any problems you may encounter as you embark on your journey to adopt EMV. To get on the road to EMV acceptance, you can reach our 24/7/365 Customer Support team at support@shift4.com or 702.597.2480 (option 2).