We Made Some Major Additions to VT4 mPOS

Shift4’s mobile point-of-sale solution, VT4®, is already one of the most secure, flexible, and scalable options for merchants in any industry. VT4 opens up revenue streams that didn’t exist before, such as kiosks and food stands at events or mobile checkout in your store.
Our team is constantly working to add new features and enhancements so that merchants and customers both get the best payment experience possible, wherever they may be.

What’s New?
We recently released a significant update to VT4, so we wanted to highlight some of the major additions. Here are a few of the new features included in this VT4 update:
  • We’ve enhanced our member account program to integrate seamlessly to other loyalty/member systems. This is a great option for country clubs and gyms where customers are billed directly to their account. This update adds yet another fast and convenient option that lets your customers pay how they want.
  • VT4 now supports kitchen printing to create an effortless connection between your wait staff and kitchen staff. This provides an added level of convenience for merchants using VT4 in their restaurant, diner, food truck, deli, corporate cafeteria, and much more.
  • In addition to kitchen printing, we’ve added support for Epson printers. On the Printers screen in your VT4 settings, simply select the Epson printer you want to enable, and you’re good to go!
  • VT4 is a perfect addition to retail payment systems, and we’ve added a new feature that allows merchants to specify item codes, such as SKUs and UPCs, for shelf items.
That’s Not All!
As always, we already have another VT4 update in the works, so be on the lookout for more cool features soon. In the meantime, enjoy these new additions, and check out vt4.com to learn more about our full-featured, flexible mobile point-of-sale solution.