Don’t Waste Money on a Stand-Alone Solution for EMV

thumb We knew that many of you would be eager to add EMV, so Shift4 got into certification early and are currently processing EMV in the U.S. and Canada with several processors. However, if you’ve read our executive insight blogs recently, you’ll know that the delay for EMV adoption is out of our hands. If you’re still waiting on your processor to complete Shift4’s certification (find out here), then you may be receiving pressure from your MSP to install stand-alone terminals as a "quick fix." Trust us – you don't want to make this mistake!

Don't Settle for a Stand-Alone Terminal
A stand-alone terminal does one thing: transmits transactions. Our integrated DOLLARS ON THE NET solution does so much more for you. Here's some of the added costs and additional work you'll have to do if you get sucked into the MSP's stand-alone-terminal sales pitch:

  • You'll have to enter transactions into your POS or PMS system by hand and reconcile your accounts manually. This takes up a lot of your time and leads to increased errors (and downgrade fees!).

  • Speaking of errors, there's no pre-settlement auditing with a stand-alone system to help you catch them before you submit your batches. Hope you're ready for increased downgrade fees.

  • If you need to research a transaction for chargeback defense, you'll have to do so by hand or pay a $25 fee (or more) to request data retrieval from your MSP.

  • Hoteliers will have to adjust a guest's authorization level by hand to add incremental/incidental charges – and, there's no EMV support for these types of transactions with a stand-alone terminal.

  • You'll get locked into a new contract with your MSP. When the hidden fees start piling up, you'll have no room to negotiate for better rates or service.

  • You won't get automatic updates to these terminals from Shift4, which means that as new EMV functionalities and features become available – such as contactless EMV – it may be costly and difficult to implement.

As you can see, stand-alone EMV solutions are anything but a quick fix, and the features and benefits that you'll lose are too heavy a price to pay. Don't put your payments back into the dark ages. Choose an integrated EMV solution that fits your business – you'll be glad you did.

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