Don’t Waste Money on a Stand-Alone Solution for EMV

thumb We knew that many of you would be eager to add EMV, so Shift4 got into certification early and are currently processing EMV in the U.S. and Canada with several processors. However, if you’ve read our executive insight blogs recently, you’ll know that the delay for EMV adoption is out of our hands.

What's New With the UTG®?

thumb Shift4 provides the latest and greatest payments technologies to keep your business thriving and your customers happy. We listen to your feedback and regularly update our Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®), keeping your payment security, efficiency, and business operations in mind with each new UTG build.

4 Ways EMV Ruins the Point-of-Purchase Experience


If EMV were a kid on a playground, we’d say it doesn’t play well with others.

Whether as a consumer or a merchant, you’ve probably noticed that EMV transactions take a long time – sometimes, a really long time – to process. In fact, most EMV chip transactions take up to 20 seconds simply to get a bank authorization.

Shift4’s Certify Test Environment Is Moving

If you use Shift4's test environment, Certify, then you should read this important message, as it contains important information that may impact your ability to run tests with Shift4. Certify is most often used by independent software vendors that supply point-of-sale and property management systems, as well as those merchants that own and operate their own systems.