Executive Insight: EMV – 6 Months Later

thumb By Steve Sommers – Senior Vice President of Applications Development, Shift4 Corporation


If you are in the payments industry, you probably cannot remember the last time you went a full day without hearing this word. I certainly can't.

Chargebacks: Fraud or Fiction?

Merchants these days are shouldering more responsibility for fraudulent transactions, thanks to the EMV liability shift.

5 Musts for DOLLARS ON THE NET® Admin Users


If you sign in to your DOLLARS ON THE NET® account using the word “Admin” or “Administrator,” then you’re the king of the mountain, queen of the castle, ruler of the roost – or at the very least, a financially responsible individual at your business.

ALERT: Use Layered Security Tools and Secure Practices to Minimize Risk

thumb There is no silver bullet when it comes to payment data security, which is why Shift4 layers numerous security tools to protect our merchant customers in both card-present and card-not-present scenarios, as well as call centers and other specialized environments.