5 Reasons VT4 Is a Perfect Choice For Your Business

thumb VT4®, Shift4's mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution, was released to the general public in late 2015, and it is already making its mark on the payments industry. VT4 recently won the Best M-POS Solution award in the 2016 Pay Awards. We're thrilled that the industry is enjoying our mobile solution as much as we knew they would. VT4 fills in the gaps that are left by other mobile payment solutions, and is scalable to meet the needs of any business, large or small. Here are 5 reasons why our mPOS stands apart from the competition:

  1. Security – Shift4 invests heavily in security. As innovative as our payment processing solutions are, they are nothing if they are not secure. VT4 is one of the most secure mPOS solutions in the industry and was designed from day one to work seamlessly with Shift4's suite of payment security solutions, including TrueTokenization® and True P2PETM. These technologies work together to ensure that cardholder data is never stored, processed, or transmitted in a payment environment. The best part is that these technologies are built right into VT4, so you can always accept mobile payments securely. We know that security is important to your business and we make protecting your customers' data our top priority.

  2. Neutrality – Because Shift4 is a proud merchant advocate, VT4 is completely bank and processor neutral – and device agnostic. What does this mean for your business? It means you have the freedom to set up your payment environment however works best for you. Set up each terminal with the processor and hardware that is best for each of your different revenue centers. Take a large-scale hotel environment, for example. The staff at the reservation desk have different needs than those selling drinks at the pool. VT4 allows merchants to customize the configurations of each revenue center with countless different combinations of devices, banks, and processors – all at no extra cost!

  3. Customization – Mobile payments should fit your business – not the other way around. VT4’s interface is easy to use and highly customizable to match any business, no matter how complex. The beauty of using VT4 is that you can get as in-depth as you need to, or keep things simple, all depending on what works best for you. If you’re a small boutique and only need to account for one state tax, we’ve got you covered! If you’re a large restaurant chain and need different tax rates applied to items like alcohol, gift cards, or food, we’ve got you covered! Merchants with complex menu items can add modifiers, such as cooking instructions (rare, medium rare, burned to a crisp, etc.) and include notes for things like food allergies. You’re also able to customize default tip settings for both dollar amounts and percentages. All these features can be managed and changed at any time with just the touch of a button!

  4. Account Management – Merchants need a flexible mobile solution that allows them to conveniently monitor and manage their payment activity from one place. With VT4, managers can quickly add or disable any employee’s access and permissions from a single connected device. They can also view and report on transaction data in real time with a 24-month transaction archive. Larger businesses can manage multiple revenue centers from one device and account. VT4 allows full and partial refunds, and permissions can be customized on a case-by-case basis so that only certain employees can issue refunds. Another great feature of VT4 is the ability to process payments offline. All you have to do is set a dollar amount as a threshold, and if you ever lose your Internet connection, your employees can accept payments that fall within that threshold.

  5. It Works For You – The world has gone mobile, and it’s time for your payments to catch up. VT4 provides merchants with the freedom to securely accept payments wherever their customers may be, whether at a kiosk, golf course, concert venue, food truck, or anywhere in between. VT4 supports new payment technologies like EMV and NFC/contactless, integrates seamlessly with DOLLARS ON THE NET® and its features that you know and love, and gives merchants access to Shift4’s 24/7/365 U.S.-based Customer Support team. With powerful features and the most reliable security solutions, VT4 is a mobile payment solution that is the best choice for your business.
As always, if you have any questions, email support@shift4.com or call 702-597-2480 (option 2).