Shift4 Sponsors Faith Lutheran High School's VEX Robotics Program


Shift4 is proud to sponsor Faith Lutheran High School’s VEX Robotics program. This program serves as a pathway for students to learn valuable technical skills that can prepare them for a career in engineering.

About the VEX Robotics Program
The VEX Robotics program has been operating for three years under the leadership of Program Director and Computer Science Department Chair Daniel Kober. As a part of the school’s STEM academy, the program gives students the opportunity to gain real-world experience with programming, designing, building, and operating various types of robots as a team. These experiences help students learn the skills associated with potential careers in mechanical engineering, computer engineering, and electrical engineering.

“I love the designing and building aspect of robotics, and I plan on studying mechanical engineering and working with drone technology in the future.”
-A.J., a senior in the Faith Lutheran VEX robotics program

While it is important to Kober that students learn core engineering skills, he also has goals for his students that transcend technical knowledge. Throughout the school year, the students grow close as a team and gain an appreciation for the collaborative process that is essential to the team’s success. Kober has noticed that their engagement and interest in the robotics program often improves their overall academic performance.

 “These kids love the program, and it becomes the guiding force of their whole education.”
-Daniel Kober, Faith Lutheran VEX Robotics Program Director

Robot vs. Robot
Each year, the VEX Robotics students form several small teams that prepare for and compete in local, national, and international VEX Robotics Competitions. In 2015 alone, teams from Faith Lutheran have won two Nevada State Championships, multiple tournament championships, as well as individual awards for design, excellence, innovation, and sportsmanship. In April 2015, four of their teams competed in the VEX World Robotics Championships in Louisville, KY.

In the VEX Robotics Competitions, which are presented by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, schools from all over the country compete in various knowledge and skills challenges. In one challenge, they form an “alliance” with another team to compete in “Nothing But Net,” a round of robot soccer against another alliance. In other challenges, their robot needs to perform autonomous actions without any controlled assistance for up to 60 seconds. These challenges require the students to perform countless hours of preparation, programming, and lots of trial and error.

Faith Lutheran High School will be hosting and competing in the VEX Robotics Nevada State Qualifier on January 9, 2016. We wish them the best of luck!