Executive Insight: Take the Time to Do EMV Right (Part 2)


This is the second installment of a two-part series on the true nature of the EMV liability shift, written by J.D. Oder II, Shift4’s CTO/Sr. Vice President of R&D. J.D. is one of the original architects behind DOLLARS ON THE NET® and continues to lead security and development efforts at Shift4.

Shift4 Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Tokenization!


Tokenization has become more of a household name as of late, as more companies adopt the technology and as sister technologies like the consumer-based “payment tokens” of mobile wallets take shape. Shift4, on the other hand, has been using tokenization long before anyone else.

12 Hospitality Touchpoints Secured by Shift4


From a payments point of view, hospitality environments are particularly complex. Typically, hotels keep payment card information on file for booking guarantees, advanced deposits, refunds, incremental authorizations, and more.

Visa® Warns of New Malware Threats


Visa® recently sent out a security alert to inform merchants of an increase in malware attacks targeting point-of-sale (POS) integrators. We encourage our merchant customers to take note of the following information, and to review the Visa security alert and pass it along to the appropriate departments or individuals.

Play Video: Tokenization for Beginners

image Watch our video to learn how tokenization works.