On Your Mark, Get Set, Update i4Go®

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Do you already use Shift4 for e-commerce? Then you’re going to be excited to learn that we’ve updated our i4Go® security solution to make it even better. For this reason, we’re phasing out i4Go v.1 with an end-of-life on January 12, 2016. You’ve got plenty of time to update, and some of our merchant customers have already started to use the updated version of i4Go. Now you can join them!

What Is i4Go?
i4Go is a security solution that seamlessly integrates into both card-present (kiosk, software-as-a-service) and card-not-present (website) e-commerce environments using a browser-embedded application at the point of sale. Just like 4Go®, i4Go allows merchants to “forgo” sensitive cardholder data by encrypting it at the point of entry. This means that sensitive payment card data never enters your environment, resulting in a reduced breach profile and simplified PCI compliance.

What’s New in the i4Go Update
Now not only is payment card data intercepted at the point of entry in i4Go, but we’re also providing our merchant customers and their clientele with greater security by authenticating the connection between your customer’s computer and your payment interface. Using the customer’s IP address and your merchant authentication details in the form of an Access Token, this authentication takes place before the consumer enters their payment information to process the transaction. Plus, the consumer’s country code is included in this process so that you can deny transactions initiated from restricted countries.

How to Update i4Go
In order to make sure your business is taking advantage of this update to i4Go sooner rather than later, get in touch with your third-party API developer.

I Don’t Have i4Go – How Can I Get It?
If you’re using DOLLARS ON THE NET® but aren’t using us for e-commerce, then you should! Shift4 allows merchants to secure payment information from every point of entry and conveniently integrate all omni-channel payments. This provides for seamless transaction management enterprise-wide.

If you have any questions about this update to i4Go or want to make sure you’re using all of DOLLARS ON THE NET’s comprehensive auditing, accounting, and security features, contact our Customer Support team at support@shift4.com or call 702.597.2480 (option 2).