Executive Insight: Get Your Head Out of the Cloud

This piece was written by J.D. Oder, Shift4’s CTO/Sr. Vice President of R&D. J.D. is one of the original architects behind DOLLARS ON THE NET® and continues to lead security and development efforts at Shift4.

Consumers Care About Card Data Security

For years, we’ve been warning merchants about the brand damage that can come as a result of a card data breach, and recently a series of articles and research studies have made it clear just how harmful it can be. If you’re not currently taking full advantage of our suite of security technologies, including both TrueTokenization® and point-to-point encryption (P2PE), here are a few reasons to make the change.

Where Do I Find…?

Remember when you were a kid and your mom magically knew exactly where everything was? Glue stick? In the drawer under the phone. Your left shoe? Behind the couch. It seemed no matter what you were looking for, she knew exactly where to find it. Now, we don’t claim to have cracked the secret code of “mom powers,” but we have to admit that Shift4 Support has a similar knack for helping you find things.