The Fight for Tokenization

We recently came across an article published by Digital Transactions that discussed “The Furious Battle to Control Tokenization.” The article laid out the politics and power struggles within the payments space and did a good job of explaining the current state of the industry.

EMV: Silver Bullet or Red Herring?

In the wake of the major retail breaches late last year, the card brands (and a few of the larger issuing banks) dumped huge amounts of money into PR campaigns that positioned EMV as the solution to our card-data security troubles. Now, those of you who follow our blog closely will remember that we very quickly spoke out and warned that this is not true and that EMV wouldn’t have stopped the recent breaches.

Are Constant Breaches the New Norm?

Target, Michael’s, Neiman Marcus, White Lodging, and now P.F. Chang’s. It seems like every month there is a new, major data breach making headlines. In the most recent case, P.F. Chang’s appears to have been compromised for close to nine months, and experts say more than seven million card numbers may have been stolen.