VISA Issues POS Malware Alert

Being merchant advocates, we at Shift4 strive to inform our merchant customers about the importance of maintaining updated software, Web browsers, and recently, operating systems. This alert comes from VISA.

Microsoft Windows operating systems are currently being threatened by a malware called “Chewbacca.” Chewbacca is targeting point-of-sale (POS) systems running on Windows operating systems. The recently unsupported Windows XP operating system is especially vulnerable to Chewbacca (as well as other attacks) since Microsoft is no longer pushing security patches to protect it against known viruses, such as this. But XP isn’t the only system this virus is targeting – everyone needs to be on alert.

In another article this month, we’re warning you about the loss of PCI compliance due to exactly this type of security concern with the unsupported Windows XP. This Chewbacca malware is just the most recent of system attacks that proves the importance of keeping your system up to date.
Read the full VISA Chewbacca malware alert here.