Shift4 NOT Affected by OpenSSL “Heartbleed” Vulnerability

Shift4 is aware of the “Heartbleed” vulnerability that is being reported by security bloggers and the mainstream media. None of Shift4’s technologies have been affected by the Heartbleed bug. Because we’re your merchant advocates, we have put together the following information to help you protect your personal information from other sites that may have been compromised.

Heartbleed is a security concern for users of OpenSSL, an open-source cryptographic software library that is used by many of the most popular sites on the Internet. Put simply, it’s a flaw in the encryption used to secure usernames, passwords, and possibly even credit card data for hundreds of popular websites. (A full list of affected sites can be found here, along with suggestions on how to protect yourself if a site you use has been affected.)

As we mentioned above, none of Shift4’s technologies have been affected by the Heartbleed attack. However, we know that many people use the same password for multiple sites – and bad guys know this, too – so Shift4 is recommending that you change your DOLLARS ON THE NET passwords just to be on the safe side. As you change your password, we encourage you to create a password unique to your DOTN account. That way if your email or favorite social network ever gets hacked and loses your password data, you don’t have to worry about those hackers using that password to log in to your DOLLARS ON THE NET account. We also recommend you have unique passwords for your personal banking or investment accounts, as well as any sites that hold sensitive data such as health records.

Changing your DOLLARS ON THE NET password is simple. Just log in to, then under “User Menu” click “Change Password” and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need further assistance, please email