Communication Costs: We Pick Up the Tab for You

As a Shift4 merchant customer, you get the benefits of a 100% bank- and processor-neutral payment gateway with connections to every major bank and processor in North America. What are those benefits? You have the freedom to switch banks and/or processors as needed so you can negotiate for the best interchange rates and fees while keeping your transaction archives and payment data completely secure. And since we have the connections in place, you don’t have to pay communication costs.

Shift4’s 20 Years: A Look Back

A long time ago, in a galaxy, ahem, desert, far, far away…seven Founders completed the incorporation of a company that would go on to be a protector of merchants and forever change the world of payments. They named it Shift4, and this year, we’re celebrating its 20th anniversary of delivering the fastest, most secure payment processing in the galaxy.

Shift4 Live and In Person – Come Say Hello!

April is going to be a busy month for us. We’ll be attending five different industry events. And we’d love to meet you if you plan to attend any of them!

Don’t Let Old Terminals Leave You Open to Fraud

Our merchant customers know we are proud merchant advocates. In that spirit, here’s a quick loss prevention tip about switching out old terminals that will prevent the possibility of fraudulent charges and the potential exposure of your sensitive merchant account information. This is especially pertinent if you’ve recently switched to Shift4 or are upgrading or replacing your terminals.