Shift4 Celebrates 20 Years of Payments Innovation

Shift4 Corporation, provider of DOLLARS ON THE NET®, the world’s largest independent payment gateway, celebrates 20 years of payments industry innovation and merchant advocacy.

Our Secure Solutions Make a Big Splash at NRF

This year’s Retail’s BIG Show by National Retail Federation (NRF) was a huge success for us! While the loud Hawaiian shirts our team was wearing in our surf-themed booth stood out in the crowd, it was our company tagline “secure payment processing” that drew the most attention.

Internet Explorer 8 Users: Time to Update

Last month we warned our merchants using Windows XP about upcoming deadlines that will affect PCI compliance. This month, our announcement goes out to our users with Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8). As of early 2015, Shift4 will no longer support IE 8 and therefore you will not be able to access DOLLARS ON THE NET® if you’re running that browser.

Breaches: Don't Be Next

If you were comparing new POS swipe device models, and I explained that one provided zero protection from the type of breach major retailers have recently experienced, while the other provided complete protection from a card data security breach for about $50 more, which would you choose? Pretty easy choice, right? What you would be purchasing is a P2PE-enabled swipe device. And then I’d congratulate you for taking a much-needed step toward protecting your business and your customers against a devastating security breach.