A New DOLLARS ON THE NET®: We've Made the Best Even Better!

Get Ready! We’re kicking off 2014 with exciting changes to DOLLARS ON THE NET, beginning January 21st.

You already know DOLLARS ON THE NET is a powerful tool that securely interfaces with nearly every major bank and processor in North America, and provides industry-leading uptime with the ability to easily audit and report on transactions. Starting later this month when we roll out a sleek update, you’ll be able to take advantage of the numerous enhanced features – many of which were based on your valuable feedback.

One of the most exciting updates comes to our auditing capabilities. We’ve always had the most powerful auditing functions, but now they’re even better! If you haven't been taking advantage of all the auditing features DOLLARS ON THE NET has to offer, now's the time to give it a try.

There’s no way we could include all the greatness in just one email, but here are a couple of the highlights:

  • Intuitive Auditing
    • Easily spot transactions that need additional attention
    • Arrange your data with one click using the new sorting buttons on each auditing page (Sort by amount, card type, etc.)
    • Find the transactions you’re looking for without leaving the page you’re on
  • Updated Navigation
    • Streamlined, modern design
    • One-click access to the most commonly used pages
    • “Return-to-top” button gets you where you want to be faster
  • New Homepage Options
    • Keep up to date with the “What’s New?” DOLLARS ON THE NET homepage or customize your experience by starting each session with:
      • Current transactions
      • Current transactions in grid
      • Online entry
      • Admin Quick Links (for administrators only)

If you have questions about any of the changes you see, our world-class Customer Support representatives are always available 24/7 to assist you. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 702.597.2480 (option 2) or support@shift4.com.

ROLLOUT SCHEDULE: Starting January 21, 2014, many users will have an opportunity to use the new version. The rollout will continue gradually until it’s available to all our merchant customers.

Below is a preview of some of the changes to the website. Click the images to enlarge.

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Archived Comments

Frankie Earman wrote on 01/14/14 8:47 PM
A face lift for such a beauty..... seems a waste but you (Shift4) always seem to improve on perfection. I will miss Dollars on the Net : ( We have changed hotel brands and VERY sadly, no more Dollars on the Net !! Our new franchise requires another. The Nerve!
I will not mention (starts with an E) the company but - talk about s l o w. Don't even mention how poor it is designed... I was reading this and answering as just 1 report is being generated.
To anyone using Dollars on the Net - Don't even think about changing.

Nathan Casper wrote on 01/15/14 10:23 AM

Say it isn't so! Here's what we'll do, you tell the new franchise how awesome we are and how much they're missing with that "other solution" and then they'll integrate with us and you can have DOLLARS ON THE NET back.

Heck, you help us land the new integration and we might even throw in a Shift4 coffee mug for your desk. Sound like a deal?

Robert wrote on 01/25/14 2:58 AM
The screen shots are so fuzzy I can't tell if it's going to be an improvement. So far, the other Auditor here has worked on it once and had to go back to the old version right away, so something wasn't right because he couldn't get the job done. I'd like to try it, so how do we switch back and forth?

Nathan Casper wrote on 01/28/14 1:17 PM

Our Support department can help you switch over to the new version if you'd like. Just give them a call. Also, if you click on the pictures, they will open full size in a new tab. Then you can click again to zoom in and you should be able to see everything clearly.

Finally, we've had very positive feedback about the enhancements thus far, so we'd be interested to hear what difficulties your colleague had. Please have him contact us at support@shift4.com with any concerns.

Kim Furniss wrote on 02/21/14 7:20 AM
I am able to try the new version. But my account doesn't automatically goes back to the old version each time I log on. Is their a different link address to save that automatically go to the new version each time?

Nathan Casper wrote on 02/21/14 2:44 PM
Hi Kim,

We appreciate your feedback, thank you! You can enjoy the updated DOLLARS ON THE NET® by default within the next couple weeks. Most users will transition over to the updated version automatically by the end of next week.

Kim wrote on 02/21/14 2:54 PM
Great. Thank you. It was nice before but, I really like the new version. Plus, the customer support is awesome.