Make Your Voice Heard!

We’ve been polling our customers to find out how/why/when you contact Shift4 Support, and we have an update for you! Below is a breakdown of your responses so far.

When Your System Goes Offline

For our merchant customers who have the Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®) installed with DOLLARS ON THE NET®, we can offer help in processing transactions quickly when your connection to the Internet is lost, and keep your lines moving when things get busy. Shift4’s Secure Offline Stand-In™ (SOS) offers UTG users faster and safer offline processing of transactions.

Online Payments: No Need to Fear

Bloomberg Businessweek recently ran an article about e-commerce merchants choosing to not offer online card payments out of fear, titled “Online Merchants Don’t Want Credit Card Payments.”

Executive Insight: EMV is Coming – Gradually

This post was written by Shift4’s VP of Business Development, Bob Lowe. Over the course of his impressive career, Bob has worked on EMV roll-out projects in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.

Are you preparing for EMV? We hope that by now you at least have it on your radar and are starting to weigh your options for implementation. But before you get too deep into it, we’d like to bring a few things to your attention.