MICROS® Users, Check with Us Before Buying New Hardware

Shift4 has a longstanding and strong relationship with MICROS. We have spent years developing integrations and adding security to different MICROS terminals, and we do our best to remain at the forefront of advancing technologies.

3 Major Mobile Mistakes Merchants Make

Mobile payments technologies are continuing to grab market share and are popping up in more and more businesses. To most of the public, the ability to take payments on a smart phone or tablet seems like a clever advancement that simplifies the payment process and potentially makes shopping quicker and easier. But to those of us who are more security minded, they’re scary little devices that come with a host of new issues that need to be thought through.

Summertime Fraud

It always seems that the busiest times of the year are also the times when we hear about the most “trusted-employee” fraud – that’s when an employee uses their access to defraud the company, usually by providing overstated or fraudulent credits. Around the holidays, we often put out a warning to our merchant customers to be extra vigilant, and now that summer is here, we are giving the same message: be careful and watch for suspicious activity!

Logins and Passwords and Tools, Oh My!

How do you rank on password security? Here’s Gizmodo’s list of the most common passwords of 2012. (Most common means least secure.) If your DOLLARS ON THE NET® password is on this list, change it today!