Credit Unions Push to Increase Breach Liability for Merchants

This post was written by Steve Sommers, Shift4's SVP of Applications Development. His insights and expertise are shared regularly on his personal blog,

The Value of the Shift4 Merchant ID

You would never think to hand over your personal checking account number to the clerk at a store, right? You’d use your debit card – a protected representation of your checking account – instead. But are you as careful with your business’ data? Just as your personal bank issues you a checking account number, your merchant bank assigns you a merchant account number. These merchant account numbers should be protected just as you protect your personal financial data.

Security Beyond Compliance

Just because you can check the right boxes on your annual PCI assessment does not mean you are immune from data breaches. You need Security Beyond Compliance™.

Periodic Billing

Shift4’s sales team is quick to point out that we “drink our own Kool-Aid.” In other words, we don’t just sell DOLLARS ON THE NET®, we use it. So when Shift4’s accounts-receivable staff logs in to bill our customers, they go straight to Periodic Billing.

4VT® – More Than a Virtual Terminal

If you’ve been a Shift4 merchant customer for a long time, you may have heard it called NetCharge, but these days we call it 4VT® (short for Shift4’s virtual terminal). Whatever name you know it by, 4VT is a tool that gives you complete flexibility in how, when, and where you accept payments.