4titude's Most Wanted

Shift4’s 4titude blog has been online for a little more than two years. Looking back, we have put together 110 articles highlighting new products and features; clearing up misinformation and rumors in the payments industry; teaching you how to avoid fines, fees, and downgrades; and sharing a little bit about Shift4 and the projects and events that we have participated in.

So Much More than DOLLARS ON THE NET

As we attend user group events with many of our POS/PMS partners, we are both surprised and saddened by how little many of our merchant customers know about what Shift4 does for them. Some of them know us only as DOLLARS ON THE NET®; others know our name but are not sure what we do… either way, they’re often missing out on great features and functions that Shift4 's products offer, simply because they don’t know all of our capabilities.

System Alerts: How Shift4 Keeps You Informed

Shift4’s system alerts help you monitor and diagnose issues with your payment processing quickly and easily. Issues and outages across the industry (from banks, processors, telecommunications providers, etc.) are posted to the System Alerts page of our website and to our Twitter account in near real-time as the information comes to our Support staff.

Why Shift4 is Not (Yet) a PCI-Validated Provider For P2PE

Update 4/19/17:Shift4’s point-to-point encryption solution, True P2PE, is now PCI validated. We were able to build a unique solution that met the PCI SSC validation requirements without compromising our own high standards for speed, security, and reliability. Because of this, some of the information in this article (which was published in 2013) may not reflect our current stance and policies on the topic.