Web Site Redesign: What's New?

Well, pretty much everything on the site is new. The text, the graphics, the layout… but here is a list of features on our new site that didn’t exist on the previous site:

• Four new product flowcharts show how our products work to protect merchants. Actually seeing how the solution fits into the transaction flow makes even our most complex features easier to understand. (Just click the “see how it works” button on their respective pages.)
• A token counter on the homepage keeps track of how many TrueTokens™ Shift4 has generated since we introduced the technology in 2005. We recently generated our 4 billionth token!

• Several brand-new pages have been created to explain some of our most popular (and useful) solutions, and to clearly illustrate the Shift4 value proposition.
  • UTG® – the backbone of our operation and the tool that makes so much of what we do possible.
  • 4VT® – our virtual terminal makes any Web-connected device into a full-featured point of sale connected directly to DOLLARS ON THE NET®.
  • Fraud Sentry® – one of our most popular features, Fraud Sentry monitors for and protects against “trusted-employee” fraud. 
  • 100% Neutrality – our defining characteristic; our neutrality allows us to always put the merchant first and do what is right for them, regardless of what the banks or processors say.
  • Integrations Page – we connect to every major bank and processor in our service area, we also support hundreds of POS/PMS integrations, and dozens of third-party devices. Why? So that our merchant customers have the flexibility to do what’s best for their business. 
  • Shift4 Difference – how do we stack up against the competitors? What do we do that no one else can? This is where you go to find out.
1. Shift4 vs Direct Processing
2. Shift4 vs Other Gateways
3. Shift4 vs Switches

• The all-new Industry Solutions page highlights Shift4’s ability to cater to the specific needs of our merchant customers, no matter which industry (or industries) they serve.
Credit Card 101 has also been completely redesigned to walk merchants step-by-step through the complex world of payment processing and help them understand everything necessary to make an informed decision.

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