Web Site Redesign: What do I Need to Know?

As we reviewed the Web site during our redesign, we were careful to ensure that all our products were in line with our current branding efforts. That means a few technologies have been renamed to better reflect what they do, and to keep with the Shift4 feel. We have listed these updates below for your convenience.

  • Previously Called: “NetCharge”
  • Definition: 4VT® (Virtual Terminal) is an online credit card terminal that turns any Internet-connected device into a full-featured credit card terminal connected to DOLLARS ON THE NET®.
Secure Offline Stand-In™ (SOS)
  • Previously Called: “Enhanced Offline,” “Offline mode,” and/or “Stand-In mode”
  • Definition: Secure Offline Stand-In provides merchants using Shift4’s UTG® with DOLLARS ON THE NET the ability to continue securely processing transactions even when Internet connectivity is lost.
  •  Previously Called: “Tokenization”
  • Definition: As tokenization has become more popular, the term has often been bastardized and no longer carries the weight of the solution that Shift4 originally created in 2005. TrueTokenization is how we differentiate Shift4’s proprietary tokenization solution designed to replace cardholder data (CHD) and address the vulnerability issues associated with the long-term storage of sensitive CHD from the weak, overly simplified versions of tokenization available from our competitors.
  • Previously Called: “Token” (Differentiation between a token and a TrueToken is now being established)
  • Definition: As with tokenization, the term token no longer carries the weight of the solution that Shift4 originally created in 2005. A Shift4 TrueToken is a unique ID that references the actual data associated with a card number or a specific transaction.
We also have several new technologies that we have discussed in our blogs, or mentioned during conferences, tradeshows, and sales presentations, but that have never before had listings on our Web page. These technologies include:

  • Definition: 4tify is a suite of secure solutions that provides the merchant more flexibility in the use of their TrueTokens™. Each organization we serve has unique needs and a unique environment. 4tify’s 4Go®, i4Go®, and TrueTokenization® are a collection of tools we use to adapt our solution to meet each of our merchants’ card data security requirements. As we like to say, 4tify is “Tokenization Your Way®.”
  • Definition: 4Res is a cardholder data (CHD) “firewall” hosted in DOLLARS ON THE NET. It allows hospitality merchants who receive reservations from a Central Reservation System (CRS) to have that reservation sanitized of CHD and tokenized before it ever enters their merchant environment. More information on how it works can be found in our 4Res brochure.
  •  Definition: 4Word® provides a Shift4 merchant the flexibility to securely grant limited CHD access to another merchant who is not using DOLLARS ON THE NET. This allows a merchant to maintain a “no-card-data environment” even when they need to share CHD with a third-party vendor or another location in their chain that is not currently a Shift4 customer. More information and use cases can be found in our 4Word brochure.

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