The Men and Women Behind Shift4 Support

Every day, representatives from Shift4’s Customer Service staff handle requests for assistance from our customers. As those of you who have dealt with them know, they handle these requests with expertise and professionalism. More than 85 percent of the calls are resolved on the first contact, which is a testament to their training and understanding of DOLLARS ON THE NET®. But where do these professionals turn when they need a little help?

They turn to a team of experienced managers with backgrounds as diverse as our customer base. A combination of technical wizards, industry experts, and customer service specialists work together to train our frontline staff and to provide the necessary assistance to figure out the most puzzling cases. Here are a few key members of the Shift4 Customer Service Management team:

Sean Ross
Support Workforce Manager
Sean is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Customer Support department. He oversees hiring, staffing, and development of the Support team. Sean joined Shift4 in 2010 as a first-tier Support Technician, and was promoted to Floor Assistant in February 2011 prior to his role as Support Workforce Manager. Sean has more than 15 years of Call Center operations experience, including Director of Account Operations and Workforce Analyst for a worldwide outsourcing company.

Sean can be reached at (702) 597-2480 (option 2) or

Amanda Hoyer
Project Manager, Customer Service
Amanda handles numerous high-priority projects for the Customer Service department. Her recent projects and experiences have been working with both vendor and client requests for new interface certifications, MICROS driver updates, and processor migrations. Amanda is also part of the Account Maintenance team and can quickly understand the needs of our existing customer base and offer solutions accordingly. She has been with Shift4 for three years and has 14 years of customer relations and support experience with a major Property Management System (PMS) organization.

Amanda can be reached at (702) 597-2480 (ext. 66250) or

Kyle Lasko
Manager, Installation Services
Kyle is responsible for coordinating and directing the Installations Services team for new account setup and implementation. He oversees the Installations department to ensure members of his team are following correct polices and procedures relevant to the installation process and protocols. Kyle joined the Customer Service management team at Shift4 in 2010. He brings 10 years of project management experience for Property Management Systems (PMS) software implementations.

Kyle can be reached at (702) 597-2480 (ext. 64250) or

Kari Lasko
Customer Care Manager, Customer Service
Kari is responsible for ensuring that all new and existing customer concerns and complaints are handled in a timely and professional manner. She is responsible for quality assurance in case documentation, case handling, follow up, and communication with customers. She works closely with the Customer Support team to ensure Shift4 is providing world-class customer service. Kari is a newer member of our Customer Service management team, joining Shift4 in 2011. Kari’s background is in the Hospitality industry, customer service, software solutions, and account management.

Kari can be reached at (702) 597-2480 (ext. 62250) or

Matthew Martz
Manager, Technical Services
Matthew is responsible for the overall departmental knowledge of Shift4 products and services. He is proficient in advanced troubleshooting skills of all Shift4 products including DOLLARS ON THE NET®, Universal Transaction Gateway® (PIN Debit/Stub, advanced settings, etc.), 4Go®, i4Go®, and API interface integration (including the Secure Suite for MICROS driver). Matthew possesses a high-level understanding of configuration, installation, and training, and he serves as an advisor for the Implementation team. He reports customers’ networking and/or system concerns and presents enhancement requests to key development staff to resolve issues for our customers. Matthew has more than five years of technical services experience at Shift4 and has a total of 16 years advanced support and development experience.

Mathew can be reached at (702) 597-2480 (ext. 63200) or

Bryan Schmutz
Director, Customer Support
Bryan is responsible for managing the 24/7/365 Customer Support department. This department is made up of first-tier and second-tier Support Technicians, Customer Care, and Technical Services. They handle all customer issues via inbound phone calls and e-mails. He is specifically responsible for training the department in Shift4 products and ensuring that correct industry knowledge is conveyed to the customer base. Bryan ensures that departmental policies and procedures are followed and enforced, and that proper troubleshooting measures are taken to resolve issues. Customer Support strives for one-call resolution. However, he is responsible for case management until issues are resolved. Bryan served as the Support Manager at Shift4 for four years prior to his promotion to Director. He worked in a Call Center management role for more than 10 years prior to joining Shift4.

Bryan can be reached at (702) 597-2480 (ext. 62200) or

Stephanie Stowers
Senior Vice President, Customer Service, Founder
Stephanie is responsible for the overall success of the Customer Service department. She directs her management staff in all customer service-related issues at the executive level. She oversees Support, Installation Operations, Technical Services, and Customer Relations. She also coordinates efforts among all Shift4 department heads to ensure customer success. Stephanie has more than 15 years of executive management experience at Shift4 and is a key player in the overall success of the company.

Stephanie can be reached at (702) 597-2480 (ext. 40600),, or via her Executive Assistant Heather Alexander at (702) 597-2480 (ext. 66300), or

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