Executive Insight: Election 2012

The following letter was distributed by Shift4 Founders Dave and Kathy Oder to all members of the Shift4 staff. We are posting it here as an encouragement for all of our partners, merchant customers, and friends in the United States to exercise their right to vote in the pivotal upcoming election.

Over the weekend, Kathy and I had the opportunity to exercise our right to vote. At our age it should be “old hat,” but each time we have the opportunity to vote, we think of those before us who sacrificed so much to establish and protect this wonderful country and to guarantee us the awesome right to vote.
We encourage you all to exercise your right, and vote!

Until this year, we have merely voted for those that we thought were the best choice, without concern that our very existence as a country was on the line. Many years back, I voted for Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat, and Kathy voted for Barry Goldwater, a Republican. We both have had politically agnostic positions through the years.

We have enjoyed this wonderful country for more than six decades with little doubt that our leaders would do the right thing. We’ve had a few bumps along the road (including some that would have some of us considering the installation of bomb shelters). We collectively shed a lot of tears on 9/11. These were painful times, but we learned from them.

History can teach us. Under the Carter administration, we suffered from high gas prices and lines at gas stations that stretched around the block. We also suffered the indignity of our embassy staff in Iran being kidnapped and held hostage. Carter was more interested in the environment than he was in the people that he was to govern. He shut down domestic oil production and started the growth of Middle Eastern oil that has hung over our head as the Sword of Damocles ever since; it has also been the reason for two wars. Without domestic oil production, our country is weak. Carter felt we should treat our enemies with dignity and with a soft hand. So 52 of our embassy staff spent 444 days in prison. Their jailer is now the President of Iran and the #1 proponent of getting nuclear weapons for Iran.

Carter’s policies created the greatest inflation (devaluation of the dollar) of any modern president, until now.
Nearly half of our life ago, we lived through what we will soon be living through again if the current administration is not removed from office. Believe me when I tell you that it sucked! Luckily, we had the good fortune to have a strong president, Ronald Reagan, to replace Carter.

They say that those who don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it. Take it from me; we don’t want to go through that again.

History tells us that the current and proposed policies of President Obama will destroy what is left of our economy. History also tells us that his “soft-handed bowing to other world leaders” approach to international relations can affect us now (like in Libya) and 30+ years in the future (like with Iran).

This president wants to turn over control of things like the Internet to the most ineffective organization in the world, the United Nations. If that happens, all of our jobs are in jeopardy. This president wants to raise the taxes on small businesses and small business owners. Shift4’s success is a perfect case study as to why this policy for “economic growth” makes no sense. In 1994, we moved to Las Vegas from California. California had a tax rate of 9% at the time; Nevada’s rate was 0%. We have been able to grow this company from 7 employees in 1994 to 148 currently. Lower taxes create jobs! Raising taxes, on the other hand, will result in slowed growth and forced layoffs – the loss of jobs.

We believe that changing the president at this time is called for – both for our business and national security reasons. We are living through the Carter administration again and we can not afford it. My grandkids and your kids certainly can’t afford it.

In our opinion, we should elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and give them the assistance of a strong U.S. Senator in Dean Heller, and strong members of the House of Representatives in Danny Tarkanian and Dr. Joe Heck. With these folks in office, we hope (and believe) that history will repeat itself and Mitt Romney, like Ronald Reagan before him, will turn both the nation’s economy and our national security around so we can again become the most prosperous and secure country in the world; so that you can prosper and feel secure.

We hope you will consider the above. But no matter what, we hope that you will get out and vote in this critical election.