Web Site Redesign: What do I Need to Know?

As we reviewed the Web site during our redesign, we were careful to ensure that all our products were in line with our current branding efforts. That means a few technologies have been renamed to better reflect what they do, and to keep with the Shift4 feel. We have listed these updates below for your convenience.

Web Site Redesign: What's New?

Well, pretty much everything on the site is new. The text, the graphics, the layout… but here is a list of features on our new site that didn’t exist on the previous site:

The Men and Women Behind Shift4 Support

Every day, representatives from Shift4’s Customer Service staff handle requests for assistance from our customers. As those of you who have dealt with them know, they handle these requests with expertise and professionalism. More than 85 percent of the calls are resolved on the first contact, which is a testament to their training and understanding of DOLLARS ON THE NET®. But where do these professionals turn when they need a little help?

The Peril of Bank-Owned Gateways

Most of us are familiar with the expression, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” For those who aren’t, it basically means don’t do anything that might hurt those that you rely on. The same meaning applies every time we say something along the lines of, “well, they sign the paychecks, so we’ve got to keep them happy.”

'Tis the Season for Gift Cards

What do you buy the person who has everything, or the teenager whose Christmas list is so foreign to you it might as well be written in hieroglyphics? Gift cards. We all know this little secret for easy holiday shopping and, as consumers, many of us take advantage of it. So why have so many merchants not yet implemented a gift card solution into their businesses?

Executive Insight: Take Advantage of Fraud Sentry!

The most effective security system in the world can’t protect you if you don’t turn it on. That’s the first thought that struck me after I heard a report of one of our merchant customers falling victim to “trusted-employee” fraud last month.

Executive Insight: Election 2012

The following letter was distributed by Shift4 Founders Dave and Kathy Oder to all members of the Shift4 staff. We are posting it here as an encouragement for all of our partners, merchant customers, and friends in the United States to exercise their right to vote in the pivotal upcoming election.