Shift4 Sponsors PGA TOUR Pro Scott Piercy

We’re excited to share with you our recent sponsorship of PGA TOUR professional Scott Piercy. If you’re familiar with Shift4’s founders, this announcement probably doesn’t surprise you too much. Our CEO Dave Oder nicely sums up our choice to sponsor Scott: “There are a few key things we love: family, charity, and golf. Scott combines all three; he’s a committed father, an active supporter of several worthy charity organizations, and a world-class golfer.”

Payments Industry Players

Recently, we saw a payments industry Web site with a glossary more than 19 pages long. When it takes 19 pages just to explain the words you need to know before you can begin to figure out how the industry works, you know that payment processing has developed a language all its own. Today, we want to break down some of the complexity and help you figure out who the major players in payment processing are and what they do for merchants.

Debit (and "Open-to-Buy" Holds) in Hospitality

We recently attended the Choice Hotels International Convention, at the invitation of one of our largest Hospitality clients. Several members of Shift4’s staff were in attendance and we had a wonderful time. One of the most frequently asked questions we heard at this conference was, “What can you do about the annoying holds that are placed on my customers’ cards when they pay with debit?”