WTF? (What’s That Fee?)

Do you have your most recent merchant statement handy? You might want to pull it out and give it a good review because we’ve heard from several of our merchant customers recently that they are being charged new fees for services they have never heard of. We worked with some of our contacts in the industry to figure out just what these fees are and what the reasoning behind them is.

Defense in Depth

Back in March we published an article called Quick and Dirty IT Security, in which we introduced you to four easy steps you can take to drastically reduce your chances of being breached. As that has been one of our most-read articles to date, we’ve decided to follow it up today with a few more things you should know about securing your systems.

Fraud Alerts vs Breach Alerts

Do you know the difference between fraud alerts and breach alerts? You should – and you should make sure your staff does, too. These alerts are two very different things and require completely different responses. Mixing the two up can lead to a world of problems.

Feeling Tied Down by Your Merchant Bank?

Shift4, the world’s largest independent payment gateway and maybe the last true merchant advocate, launched a new advertising campaign that brings to light some of the underhanded methods used by merchant banks to increase their profits.