PCI Provides No Benefit to Merchants

This post was written by Steve Sommers, Shift4's SVP of Applications Development. His insights and expertise are shared regularly on his personal blog, http://paymenttidbits.blogspot.com.

Issuing Credits? Be Extra Careful

No one wants to make a mistake, but we also recognize that humans are, well, human (and machines are likewise imperfect) so sometimes it happens. Today, we want to point out a small mistake merchants make that can have disproportionately large consequences at batch settlement: mistyped card numbers.

Executive Insight: Birdies4Shriners

If you’ve been on www.shift4.com recently or seen any of our press releases or social media sites, you are probably aware of our Birdies4Shriners campaign. It’s a fundraiser we have put together to support our friends at Shriners Hospitals for Children. We are likely all familiar with this organization and the wonderful work they do for children. Many of us personally know someone who has benefitted from their generosity and expertise.

Global Effects of the Global Breach

Over the past few weeks, the payment industry Web space has been filled with articles spawned by the reported breach of Global Payments. These posts range from intelligent hypotheses based on significant industry experience to wild speculation from scheming salesmen looking to make a quick sale by inspiring fear, uncertainty, and doubt in their potential clients.