Global Ramifications

The Internet is abuzz with speculation on the source and scope of the Global Payments breach. In the past few days, reports on the number of affected cards have ranged from as many as 10 million to a little more than 50,000 with Global setting the “official” number at 1.5 million. Likewise, the source of the breach has been widely disputed. Several industry pundits claimed the transactions came from a single industry (parking garages or taxi companies, depending on who you believe – or, in the most recent iteration, a taxi company that runs parking garages – all based in New York City).

DOLLARS ON THE NET Advanced Search

We all know that the dryer steals socks and the couch occasionally likes to swallow the remote control, but have you ever had your POS or PMS eat a transaction? You know, the kind of transaction that doesn't process quite right and then vanishes and leaves you scratching your head, wondering where on earth it ended up.

VISA CISP: If Compromised

We've noticed over the past few months that our security articles are some of our most popular posts. Consider this post a follow up to last month's Quick and Dirty IT Security and November's What to do if You Think You May Have Been Breached. This is a quick list of action items for organizations that have been compromised.

Don't Forgo the Benefits of 4Go®

Among the many technological marvels that Shift4 has created to help merchants, 4Go® is one of the biggest. If you don't know much about 4Go (and its security-increasing, PCI-headache-reducing goodness), it's high time the two of you were acquainted.