How to Make Processor Changes Easier

One of the most common change requests we get in the Account Maintenance department here at Shift4 is for processor changes. It is really a pretty easy and straightforward process, but one that seems to have more than its share of issues to get completed. The following are some basic questions and pointers to help you get your processor changed quickly, easily, and painlessly.

First and foremost, Shift4 always safeguards you, our customer, from social engineering by outside interests. We will not open a case to make a processor change based on a Merchant Service Provider’s (MSP) request. We require authorization from our customers to begin any action on your account. If you are making a processor change, please start by e-mailing and let us know that you are authorizing the new MSP to make changes on your account.

There is other critical information that we will always need to make a processor change on your account that, if it is provided upfront, will speed up the process considerably:
  • What processor are you changing to? Please give us the name of the MSP and the name and contact information for your representative. Even if you aren’t sure what processor you are changing to, your MSP will know.
  • What is the name and contact information for the person at your property that will be working to get this completed?
  • When does the change need to be completed? Please remember to give us time to gather and verify the information from the new MSP. Frequently, we are notified at the last minute – sometimes even the day before a change needs to be made. As you can imagine, this becomes very difficult to achieve, because we need to get the correct information, QA it, and verify that everything works properly. Incorrect information can break your system or cause you significant downgrade fees – so this is a process we never want to rush.
  • Are you making any changes or adding to the card types you accept?
  • Are you using the correct form? We provide a template for the Profit Center Form on our Web site at This will give you and your MSP the correct form for your processor. We require this form to be completed for any processor change.
Giving us the answers to these questions, and making sure we have good contact information for both you and your MSP will help to ensure an easier processor change for everyone involved.

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