Shift4 is Hiring!

Shift4 is growing and preparing for some exciting expansions into new technologies and new markets. With this expansion, we are looking to add key talent to our team, and are reaching out to our friends, partners, and merchants to help get the word out.

How to Make Processor Changes Easier

One of the most common change requests we get in the Account Maintenance department here at Shift4 is for processor changes. It is really a pretty easy and straightforward process, but one that seems to have more than its share of issues to get completed. The following are some basic questions and pointers to help you get your processor changed quickly, easily, and painlessly.

Quick and Dirty IT Security

For those of you who don’t have the luxury of a dedicated IT-security team, here’s a quick tip from our IT staff: don’t be intimidated into inactivity.

Executive Insight: All or Nothing Tokenization

Are you the all-or-nothing type? Are you the type that can’t even get started if you know going in that 100% success is an impossibility? Many people take this view with tokenization, but let me tell you why that’s a dangerous position to support.