How Shift4 Goes Beyond Compliance

Saying that PCI compliance can be a challenge is kind of like saying climbing Mt. Everest is slightly difficult. With the confusing state of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) today, merchants using legacy systems may understandably look at climbing Everest as a cake walk in comparison to maintaining compliance.

Is Shift4 on Your Safe Senders List?

We may be preaching to the choir here, as many of you are reading this in your e-mail inbox. But, for those who view this on the blog or in printed copy (or for your co-workers who may be missing out on all these messages), please take a moment to add to your safe senders list.

Tough Love - Why Shift4 Standards Are So High

Shift4’s extensive security measures might seem excessive to MSPs and merchants. They may think that the added layers of security get in the way of normal business. Just like a proper Englishman who constantly carries an umbrella even though the sun is bright and shining, our protocols can seem superfluous when no threat is present. But, those layers of security are there for a reason: the law requires them and we insist on them.

Retail Requires Speedy Settlement

Retailers, if you’re not settling your batches every night, you’re probably losing money.
Each category/type of merchant account has its own quirks and requirements. Retail merchant accounts, for example, require that all transactions be settled within 24 hours. This can be difficult – but pays off almost immediately.