Executive Insight: Who is PCI Really Protecting?

By now, most in our industry have heard of the restaurateurs in Park City, Utah who are suing their merchant bank and, consequently, might end up taking on the whole PCI. For those unfamiliar with the story, Wired has a good article, which you can find here.

Be Sure You're Using Shift4-Certified Solutions

Recently we’ve received a number of calls from merchants experiencing issues with swipe devices and/or POS/PMS terminals that are not included in our list of certified devices. With that in mind, here’s a friendly reminder: Just because a device appears to function properly when you plug it in, does not mean the device is supported by Shift4.

Executive Insight: US EMV - A Necessary Evil?

A New Payment Process
Those who have traveled to Europe in the past few years or to Canada within the last year or so, know there is a new payment process that uses a microchip on the card to communicate the payment capabilities of the card to the point of sale, and then uses a PIN (personal identification number) to authenticate the cardholder as the owner of the card.

Helpful Hints for Working with Shift4 Customer Support

While it’s true that Shift4’s Customer Support staff strive for one-call resolution (and achieve it more than 75% of the time), many of you know that some issues require more than one call – and more than one person – to remedy.

Who is Shift4?

Shift4 Stands Alone Atop the Payment Gateway Space
Shift4, the first card-present payment gateway and the largest independent payment gateway in North America, is a privately held, self-funded company that does not answer to, does not profit from, and is not owned by, any card brand, issuing bank, merchant bank, payment processor, independent sales organization (ISO), or Merchant Services Provider (MSP).

2011: A Year in Review

Happy New Year and best wishes to all of our clients! We hope that you were able to enjoy the holidays with those most near and dear to you. We celebrated Christmas in Florida this year with our children and grandchildren, and had a wonderful time.