Will Your New POS/PMS Work with Shift4?

Implementing a new POS or PMS is often a major undertaking. Research, the purchase process, and planning for and then installing the new system can take months. How would you feel if you went through this whole process only to find that your new system does not work with Shift4?

This recently happened to a client of ours, and it took them weeks to remedy. Imagine weeks without TrueTokenization®, without DOLLARS ON THE NET®, and without all of the other Shift4 tools you rely on every day. Weeks of frustration could have been easily avoided with a two-minute phone call to Shift4 to verify the new system was integrated to and compatible with DOLLARS ON THE NET before buying.

If you’re planning to change your POS or PMS, please check our list of compatible integrations. If you don’t see your desired choice, take a few minutes to call or e-mail us and find out if it’s going to work. If we don’t currently support it and you can convince us we should, we might even write a new integration for you.

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