Will Your New POS/PMS Work with Shift4?

Implementing a new POS or PMS is often a major undertaking. Research, the purchase process, and planning for and then installing the new system can take months. How would you feel if you went through this whole process only to find that your new system does not work with Shift4?

Micros 3700 Swipe Issues with Secure Suite for Micros

Shift4 has recently identified a glitch that can occur in certain scenarios with Micros 3700 systems that are running a piece of technology called “Special Swipe” interfacing with our Secure Suite for Micros. Since the issue only arises when the product is used in conjunction with Shift4’s driver, please contact us and not Micros support to resolve it.

What to do if You Think You May Have Been Breached

Imagine you have just discovered something amiss in your system and signs point toward a potential data breach. Do you have a plan of action in place? Do you have people on hand who know how to deal with such a problem? If not, have you found an expert you can contact?

Are You Slowing Your Own Connection?

To facilitate the hundreds of millions of transactions we process each year, Shift4 maintains multiple data centers, a host of Web servers, and numerous Internet connections. The duplication of components provides redundancy and increases uptime, but thanks to a little bit of technical magic, it also enhances our speed.

Shift4 Makes AVS Better

In our last newsletter, we discussed several mistakes merchants make that can result in costly Visa downgrades. One of these mistakes was not getting all the necessary AVS information. In an effort to demystify AVS for our merchants and advise of Shift4 features and benefits you may not currently be taking advantage of, we would like to offer the following “encore edition” of AVS education.

More Suspended Batches? Discover the Solution

Back in July, we discussed suspended batches and gave you the two most common reasons batches suspend: 1) missing or invalid data included in the batch or 2) a communication failure somewhere between you and your processor.