Avoiding Visa’s Most Costly Downgrade

Have you ever seen “Electronic Interchange Reimbursement Fee” (EIRF) marked next to a transaction on your statements? Many of us see the word reimbursement and get excited. It sounds like we’re getting money back, doesn’t it? Well, we hate to break it to you, but that is not the case.

The Latest and Greatest – Why You Need to Update the UTG®

The Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®) makes much of what we do at Shift4 possible. The UTG is (at least partly) responsible for DOLLARS ON THE NET’s speed, security, reliability, simplicity, and our ability to take your POS out of PCI scope. Needless to say, it is a vital component and a piece of technology that we are quite proud of.

What Not to Do: The Most Avoidable Payment Processing Errors

Payment processing is an involved (and occasionally confusing) business. There are many players, many systems involved, and therefore many points for potential failure. At Shift4, we do all we can to eliminate or bypass potential points of failure within our sphere of influence. But, did you know there are a few steps you can take on your end to make things run even smoother?

The Durbin Amendment: How to Ensure You See the Benefits

We’ve heard a lot of buzz about the Durbin Amendment and the major cost savings that should come in response to the legislation. Last month, we introduced the main points of the legislation and encouraged those of you who do not currently support debit to consider doing so in order to capitalize on the upcoming rate reductions.

Changing IP Addresses

In order to avoid disruption of your transaction processing, Shift4 must be notified of any changes to the internal IP addresses of the machines running either the Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®) or your POS/PMS terminals. Also, if there is a change to the overall IP address schema of your network, informing Shift4 can save major confusion in the long run.