Tokenization, the Newest Horse - err, Camel - in the Stable

As the old saying goes, “a camel is a horse designed by a committee.” This saying perfectly describes the recently published PCI DSS Tokenization Guidelines from the PCI SSC. While the original intent of the document was a noble one, the final version fell way short.

The Durbin Amendment: What It Is, What It Means For Merchants

Between the raging debates, lobbying, legislation, and (finally) the Federal Reserve analysis and modification of the legislation, the Durbin Amendment has maintained a place in the news throughout the year. Now that the debates are over, and both sides have said their piece about the outcome (which seemed to leave all parties underwhelmed and frustrated), it is time to dig into the new rules and determine what effect, if any, it will have on you.

A Couple of Things You Should Know About Authorizations

First, we'll talk about the "A" you see occasionally in your transactions view when using DOLLARS ON THE NET®. We'll explain what it means and why it's there in the first place. Then, we will address a question Shift4 receives almost every day, "Can Shift4 help me release an authorization from a customer's card?"

Did You Know Shift4 Processes Directly to American Express?

Did you know that Shift4 maintains a private, direct connection to American Express? Why do we do this? Well, the answer is quite simple: we do it to make life easier for you, our merchants. Shift4's direct connection means we don't have to pay a third-party to submit this information for us – that saves you up to $.25 per transaction, which adds up quickly!

Settlement Windows

Settlement windows. You may not even know what they are, but there's a chance they're costing you extra money.

Another Way Shift4 Protects our Merchants

Shift4 is recognized as an industry leader in PCI compliance and information security. But as your business partner, we safeguard your organization in other ways as well. Here's a quick story that illustrates just how Shift4 and our admittedly stringent regulations help protect our customers.

Did Shift4 Really Invent Tokenization?

Shift4 Token Several companies claim to have been first-to-market with tokenization. Their evidences and believability vary widely, so while we cannot address the individual claims of our competitors, we can explain our claim and why we’re confident in saying that we invented tokenization and introduced it to the market.

Tokenization Guidelines Missed the Mark

This morning, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) published an “information supplement” entitled, PCI DSS Tokenization Guidelines. The document was designed to standardize the rapidly growing tokenization landscape and to give official word on how much benefit tokenization could bring to merchants striving to comply with PCI DSS requirements.