Is it Time for a Browser Upgrade?

Have you ever seen a company campaign against its own product? It’s certainly a rare occurrence, but Microsoft is currently in a campaign against one of its products – and has been for several months.

Doing Their Job: Is Shift4 PCI Compliant?

* This document has been updated for clarification of merchants’ responsibilities in light of PCI DSS requirement 12.8.

We have received a number of requests recently from clients seeking to confirm Shift4’s PCI compliance status. For those who are curious, here is the short answer: Yes, Shift4 is a PCI DSS validated Level 1 Service Provider and as such complies with (and exceeds) the PCI DSS requirements of annual onsite PCI security assessments and quarterly vulnerability scans.

Tokenization Webinar Recap

As you may already know, we’re passionate about tokenization. We should be; we introduced the technology to the industry in 2005 and have watched it “catch on” ever since. Those who follow our blog and other publications have heard us lament the bastardization of tokenization. That’s what we call it when competitors release TINO (“tokenization-in-name-only”) solutions that bear the name of tokenization but don’t offer the security and benefits that were inherent in the tokenization we designed and shared years ago.

New Roles and New Faces

There are a couple of new faces at Shift4 that we think you should know about and one familiar face has taken on a new role that you may like to know about.

e-Commerce Survey: What Solution do You Use?

A few months ago, we published an article called “Unifying Your Revenue Centers.” In that article we talked about our 350+ POS/PMS integrations and how we support most of the solutions you are likely to use. Proactively developing integrations to the industry’s top players has helped us become the world’s largest card-present gateway.

What is a Suspended Batch?

Have you ever had a suspended batch? Don’t be too scared, it’s not as bad as it sounds… in fact, it’s not a bad thing at all.

DOLLARS ON THE NET: So Much for Just Pennies

At current national average prices, for the pennies Shift4 charges for a typical transaction, you could buy almost two tablespoons of gasoline, which is just about enough to back your SUV out of the driveway. Or, for the same amount, Shift4 will provide you with all of this: